Account Questions

Can I change my account's mobile number?

You can change your registered phone number from the (subscriber information) menu by clicking on the avatar (profile photo) or the balance at the top of the screen after accessing the control panel.

Can I change my account email?

You can change the registered email from the (subscriber information) menu by clicking on the avatar or the balance at the top of the screen after accessing the control panel.

I can't remember my email and password to log in

You can recover your account information through the website login page.

Does my account has an expiry date?

The balance expiration date is one year from the recharging date and the balance is withdrawn once the year ends. The website is not responsible for the remaining texts after their expiration.

Do you offer free balance for new users?

You can request free balance to try the service by contacting us via our contact form.

I didn't get my activation code

Please contact our technical support to resume activating the account.

Billing And Payment

What payment methods does MSEGAT offers?

The agent can pay through debit cards, Visa or MasterCard. You can also make a bank transfer to one of our accounts available in the balance recharge page after accessing your account.

Can I get an alert when my balance reaches a certain amount?

Yes, this can be done through the subscriber information page by clicking on the avatar and entering the allowed messages limit.

What happens if my account balance reaches zero?

Messaging will be stopped immediately.

Can I use PayPal to pay?

You can use PayPal but only after contacting us first and identifying the customer need for this process and the amount the needs to be paid.

Can I get a receipt for my payments?

You can order that by contacting us and we will be happy to do so.


What is the maximum length of a message?

The maximum length is 700 characters. Knowing that every 67 Arabic letters are counted as a point. And every 134 English letters are counted as a point for local messages.

Can I schedule my message to be sent later ?

Yes, you can.

Can I see a log of my sent messages details?

Yes you can by visit sent message archive page

How can I check a status of a message I sent, do you provide send or delivery status?

You can by visit sent message archive and click on numbers to see the delivery details

I sent a message but it didn’t reach its destination!

Please make sure the number is valid and phone has coverage and mobile number owner doesnt activate dnd service

do you provide a classified data and numbers ?

In order to protect privacy in accordance with the instructions of CITC, we do not provide any numbers

Are you advertising ?

We provide a platform for sending SMS messages and the customer is the one who enters the text and numbers and the send according to his need. We do not send or advertise on behalf of the customer