Text messages classification and measures to reduce SPAM messages issued by CITC (Communication and Information Technology Commission):

First: Text messages classification:

A- Warning messages: High priority and warning content messages sent by the specialized government agencies, to all users in all parts of the Kingdom or some of them.

B- Awareness messages: Messages of awareness or guiding content sent to all users (or specific categories of users) by incorporated entities such as government or SEMI-governmental entities, banks, hospitals, schools, universities or others, provided that such messages are not promoting or aiming for profit in a direct or an indirect way, and no donations are collected or recalled in it.

C- Service messages: Messages with a service content sent to a specific user for the purpose of sending a personal or automated notification such as hospital appointments or bank operations, or for electronic authentication purposes to confirm his possession of the phone number.

D- Personal messages: messages sent from a specific user number to another specific number and are not of a commercial or a marketing content.

E- Promotional messages: messages of a marketing or a commercial form

Second: measures of dealing with messages types:

1- In type (C) of the Text messages classification, the name of the sender (Tag Name) must contain the suffix (Ad) after the sender's name to indicate the nature of its advertising content

2-It is not allowed to send Messages of type (B) and (C) from 10 pm to 8 am.