What is loyalty program ?

A program to show gratitude for your loyalty as an MSEGAT customer. You can start collecting points by simply purchasing any bundle.By default you are enrolled in the systems! It doesn't apply on the customers who already had discounted rates

How it works?

- When you topup with 1 Riyal, it will be calculaed as 1 point.
- When you inviting a new customer, you will be awarded 100 points when he register a new account.
- When the new customer charges his account for first time , you will receive reward points equal to double the amount paid by the customer.
- When the customer regahrge his account again, you will get 10% of the amount paid as rewards points.

Example 1: If you topup with 500 Riyals, you will get 500 bonus points.
Example 2: If you invite someone, you will get 100 bonus points, and if the invited user charges his account with 500 riyals, you will get 1000 points.
Example 3: If the customer you invite has recharged his account for 1000 riyals, you will get 100 points.

You can redeem reward points with free messages as follows:
- Every 1,000 points you will get 500 SMS
- Every 5000 points you will get 2500 SMS

You can access the Rewards page by register and login into your account, after that go to Rewards Program link


  • Points validity is 1 year
  • The maximum number of points which can be collected is 50,000 points